Underground Records is a boutique Record Store specialising in super heavy music. With a love of space rock and monstrous psychedelic jams, Underground Records searches for the the finest tunes this planet has to offer. Through our network of labels, bands and distributors, we are able to secure some of the most sought after releases. At the very black heart of it, we just love all metal – space rock, psychedelic rock, doom, stoner, progressive, thrash, hardcore , metalcore, nickelback… ok so we don’t stock nickelback. That was just a test to see if you are still reading this. We offer a wide range of hard to find horror soundtracks as well as underground electronic genres, such as synthwave and outrun. Our future plans are to carry more electronic music as well as stock the rock classics – all on delicious vinyl.

Underground Records is situated in the outskirts of Adelaide – a barren wasteland mainly known for a bunch of fucked up murders. We run record fairs and embrace the local music scene. Our new bricks and mortar shop is 78A Prospect Road, Prospect – a road well known for its bohemian flair and multi-cultural foods.

We’re constantly updating stock on this site and will be adding some warehoused stock we have collected over the past 10 years for the sole purpose of making it available now. Support the underground – it’s the only place the music corporations don’t want to be.